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Vaxa Networks

Creating the Next Generation Open Network for the Underserved, Rural Communities and Businesses

Welcome to Vaxa Networks

Vaxa Networks is a Network Solution provider focused on bringing proven vendor and open technologies to provide single shared and secure network infrastructure to smart communities, cities, businesses, and buildings under a common platform. We are focused on supplying high-speed internet connectivity to the underserved, rural communities and businesses, so they have the connectivity needed to succeed in today’s information-driven economy.

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Vaxa Networks Approach

Open and Secure Network Infrastructure.

We are focused on delivering an open and secure network infrastructure that is designed to provide “Data and Connectivity” as the 5th utility to underserved rural smart communities, cities, industries and buildings. The network is designed to allow multiple Service Providers to use a common network fiber infrastructure that can be owned and operated by the community, utility or service provider.

  • Local Access PODs are capable of GPON, Ethernet or Wireless Connectivity based on the requirement to serve local users.

  • CO (Central Office) PODs are designed with Hardware acceleration (FPGA , i.e. Intel Vista Creek) and provide a programmable fabric for security and multi tenancy.

  • DC (Data Center) PODs are at the heart of a localized infrastructure and designed to offer services with the connectivity.


Vaxa Networks helps communities and businesses create locally owned networks that promote high speed connectivity and a broad range of services from multiple Service Providers.

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High speed internet connectivity is critical to the success of any community and business. Increasingly there is a divide between those communities that have high speed fixed broadband connectivity and those that do not. Unfortunately, 80 percent of the 24 million American households that do not have reliable, affordable high-speed internet are in rural areas, according to a recent report by the Federal Communications Commission. Vaxa Networks helps underserved communities take control of the connectivity needs of their residents and businesses, ensuring economic opportunity and community needed services.


Reliable and affordable high-speed internet connectivity is fundamental for economic prosperity. Access to high-speed internet is vital for a diverse set of industries outside major metro areas, including agricultural production, mining, and forestry. Connectivity is a catalyst for rural prosperity by enabling efficient communication and IoT services for agricultural operations, households, schools, and healthcare centers. The USDA found that rural broadband connectivity for agriculture technologies can drive $18 billion of annual economic improvements. Vaxa Networks works to help underserved industries achieve connectivity needs for today’s information-driven economy.

Commercial Campus

Businesses depend on advanced connectivity capability for every facet of their operations, using both fixed and mobile high speed broadband services to communicate and to access the Internet. Outside major metro area businesses that do not have access to high speed broadband find themselves at a disadvantage. Building owners and developers that service these businesses benefit from supplying high speed internet connectivity. Sixty-Six percent (66%) of building owners say that high speed internet connectivity improves property value. Vaxa Networks works with developers and building owners in underserved areas to achieve needed high speed connectivity so their tenants can prosper.

Product and Service Overview

Technology, Services and Solutions needed to implemented next generation networks.

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Turnkey Solutions

Integrated PODs that include wireless, optical and commodity multi-tenant networking technologies. Intelligent Systems designed for autonomous management leveraging SDN and AI.

Hardware and Software

Hardware and software solutions are provided as a variety of different configurations that are based on network architecture and operational requirements. Using repeatable architectures we simplify and accelerate the design and deployment of the network.


Services as needed to help our customers and operational partners transition to new architectures and operational models. We supply design, deployment and management services based on repeatable models and architectures.

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News & Updates

Research shows that having internet connectivity increases living standards and business prosperity in communities outside of major metro areas. The following is some of the latest news and information on the subject. If we are missing something please let us know at and we are happy to share the information.

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Contact Us

Vaxa Networks helps underserved communities and businesses take control of their connectivity needs, ensuring economic opportunity and community needed services. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us should you have any questions.

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